All the members are priest and part of the International Emmanuel Community. That’s why 7 priests from 6 different countries could meet and share their musical talent in this challenging project of the Priestband.

Although most of the members have a (professional) musical background, their main occupation is a priestly ministry in their respective countries and dioceses. They are parish priest, dean, parish vicar, professor of theology or preparing a doctorate. Sharing, however, the same desire to proclaim the Gospel of Gods mercy, revealed in Jesus Christ His Son.

Fr. Rafael (saxophone)

Rafael Cerqueira Fornasier (Brasil)
Niteroi (Bra), parish vicar in Salvador

Fr. Kornel (vocals)

Kornél Fábry (Hungary)
Kaposvár (H), Studied PhD in Rome (I), graduated December 18th 2008 and now is parish priest in Kaposvar, Hungary

Fr. Henryk (bass guitar)

Henryk Otremba (Poland)
Katowice (PL), parish vicar in Aix en Provence (F)

Fr. Marc (vocals)

Marc Timmermans (Netherlands)
Den Bosch (NL), Preparing a PhD in Theology and seminary professor in Moral Theology

Fr. Martin (drums, guitar, vocals)

Martin Sinnhuber (Germany)
Münster (D), parish priest and Dean in Münster

Fr. Markus (vocals, keyboard, guitar)

Markus Wittal (Germany)
Bamberg (D), parish vicar in Nürnberg

Fr. Francis (acoustic guitar, vocals)

Francis Manioukian (France)
Parish Priest in Toulon