Type of music

The PriestBand has a various, but original repertoire from Rock to Ballad, with influences from musical currents as different as Jazz, Musical, Blues, Close Harmony or Metal. In fact it’s not comparable with other artists’ music. But it’s definitely recognizable as the “Sound of the PriestBand”.

All the songs are written by the members themselves. Their first album “We sing for Jesus” from 2005, was an introduction to the band at the occasion of WYD 2005 in Cologne and marked the beginning of the project. Cologne was for the Band a great success with several concerts during the WYD. They performed for Benedict XVI at the meeting of the pope with the seminarians. Many invitations flew in, but the members always felt that their first vocation was their ministry.

The international character of the Band is proved by the different languages used. They sing in English, French, German, Italian, a little Spanish and even Latin! Obviously during WYD in Sydney the emphasis is put on English.