New CD - God has a Heart

There it is: the latest Album of the Priestband: God Has a Heart! We´ve been working hard on this album. There´s more of it: more songs, more variety, more languages and definitely more rock! But what didn’t change is the sound. It’s clearly the Priestband! Neither did our mission change. As priests we want to bring people to God and God to people through the means of music.

The CD will be available in Altötting during the summer forum and, of course, in Madrid during the live concerts of the band! Don't miss it!!!

Concert of the Priestband in Altötting, Germany

August 12th, 2010

With the WYD of Madrid coming up, the members of the Priestband came together in Altötting, Germany for some days of work and a concert for 2000 people at the “Kapellplatz”, in the heart of this beautiful sanctuary of Our Lady, Mother of Mercy.

With a nice mix of old and new songs they could bring what they always wanted during their concerts: be witnesses of God’s love and mercy as priests through modern music. Fr. Markus, Fr. Martin and Fr. Marc had new compositions and, as different as they were, they were typical Priestband songs. Just as an example of the many positive reactions, you can read this letter from an Australian girl who “happened to be in Altötting” at the right time:

“I happened to be in Altötting and I will never forget this evening; it was an amazing concert! Watching the Priestband at Altötting for the first time showed me a side of the Church that is alive and full of joy - I thought to myself, "Catholicism is the best kept secret". I was deeply touched by the testimony of this concert and the passion and the power of the faith it revealed. Thank you for the gift of your music and your ministry; I could see that you were not just musicians but so much more... priests!”
Jess, 26, Walpeup, Australia


During our concert in Altötting, our drummer fr.Martin sang - in German - a beautiful song about Gods love: Gott hat ein Herz (God has a Heart). This song will most probably be part of our concert this summer at WYD Madrid and, of course, on our new Album, that will be released at the same occasion.